Why Is Propolis Extract So Popular?

If you’re interested in skincare, you likely care for the latest innovations in this field.

This is because while skincare is so important, taking care of our skin with the least amount of irritation while pursuing the highest effectiveness and lessening of certain unwanted outcomes, like wrinkles, requires finding the right product blend that works for us.

A healthy skin care routine can help you define and redefine beauty, giving you the foundational base from which you can begin self-care.

A product emerging in popularity, especially in Korean skin care, is that of propolis extract and the products it infuses. In fact, this is so popular that it has become a necessary part of Korean skin care routine planning. In this post, we’ll discuss more about this extract, and how it could benefit you:


What Is Propolis Extract?

The truth is that propolis isn’t new at all, and it certainly didn’t originate from a lab. Propolis is sourced from bees, which they curate from the sap on the needle-leaved trees and evergreens. When they combine this alongside their own beeswax and other discharge, propolis is formed.

Propolis takes the shape of a sticky green and sometimes brown substance they use to coat and protect their hives. It can be seen quite clearly by anyone who keeps bees, or who breaks open a hive in a safe setting. Depending on where the hives are in the world, propolis can take on different properties based on the flora and sap said bees have access to.


How Does It Work?

Over 300 compounds have been identified in propolis, most are polyphenols in a concentrated form known as flavonoids, which are known to fight off disease and damage through the use of antioxidants. For this reason, they are known to be antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory. As you can see, these are properties that people cherish in skin creams, especially if being sourced via natural compounds instead of via artificially curated chemicals. It has also been posited that propolis is effective in cleaning wounds, similar to the positive effects aloe vera against burns, for example.

More research needs to be conducted, but it is heavily agreed upon that these compounds are harmless in the correct quantities, and for this reason many skincare brands, and especially Korean skin care culture has welcomed propolis with open arms.


What Are The Positive Effects Of Using Propolis?

As well as knowing you’re following the best Korean skincare routine, propolis offers a range of worthwhile benefits.

This has been known to include soothing aid targeted for:


  •        Acne - especially difficult flare ups.
  •        Burns - soothing in a similar manner to natural aids such as aloe vera.
  •        Cold sores - the immediate treatment of cold sores can help them stop spreading. The antifungal and antibacterial effects of propolis are cleared for this kind of care.
  •        Bacterial infections - propolis can help against bacterial infections you may have encountered.
  •        Antioxidant protection against sunlight and radiation - keeping you protected in accordance with good sun cream in hot environments.
  •        Supports collagen production - allowing for the caring and healing of wounds.
  •        Can reduce inflammation including associated redness - helping your skin to remain as clear, manageable and beautiful as ever.


What Propolis-Infused Products Are Available?

Propolis extract is being used in a wide array of skin treatments you can use separately, or in combination with one another.

For instance, excellent honey overnight masks can use propolis extract as an active and thorough ingredient, while light ampoules, light creams, synergy toners, vitamin sleeping masks, vitamin synergy serum, moisture pads, glow kits and more can be utilized for the best results.

The versatility of using propolis infused products can allow you to try this active ingredient for yourself with little in the way of unnecessary expense or having to expose your skin to it in concentrated form before knowing if this is for you.

These products, such as the products sold by Utseende.no, have been specifically developed and chosen to offer the perfect dosage of the extract while also combining it with supporting vitamins and mineral solutions to get the best effect for your skin. Furthermore, many products, such as creams, have been moisture enriched to ensure they can be applied to your skin each and every day.


How Is It Being Used In Korean Skin Care? 

Korean beauty innovations are leading the world in terms of how they are applied and presented. Korean beauty standards showcase a willingness to curate the best look of anyone, and the idol KPop culture is also a driving force for this.

For this reason, natural, affordable treatments that actually work are being celebrated. As KPop continues moving from strength to strength and becoming even more appreciated in Western cultures, the norms surrounding fitness and beauty are being understood.

Put simply, Korean skin care is not only practical, but thoroughly effective, and often affordable. With an emphasis on natural remedies and versatility in application, more and more western beauty companies are starting to look to Korea for innovation or the application of norms.

As Propolis is becoming more popular In Korea and used in everyday life as well as to curate the skin care routine of its most famous stars, more and more are considered its viable uses.


What Is Utseende.no And How Are They Providing A Higher Standard Of Skin Care?

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